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Turning Your Children’s Drawings into 3D Printed Metal Masterpieces

Parents are always humouring their children, feeding into their games of make-believe, allowing them to befriend imaginary creatures like Santa Claus or telling them that their artwork is decipherable. Now, Dutch company UCKi let’s you humour your children in a way that creates art that is actually pleasing to the eye.

With UCKi, you can take one of your children’s two-dimensional drawings – let’s say, a caterpillar with a dog head – and turn it into a 3D-printed piece of art. The 3D object can take the form of a bracelet, a pendant or even a 12-inch tall statue that you can place on your nightstand, forever commemorating your child’s creativity in silver or yellow, white or rose gold.  See some of the examples below:

[nggallery id=112]

If you’re still unsure if you care enough about your kids to purchase their art in 3D-printed form, UCKi allows you to obtain a simulation of what your UCKi might look like for free! I’ve just uploaded a drawing that I made my bearded dragon made. I can’t wait to see what it would look like as a 3D printed replica!

3dpi Ucki

I make a lot of jokes about negligent parenting, but, in all honesty, this is exactly the sort of thing my mom would have purchased when I was a kid. She’s collected every piece of artwork, every crude drawing or poorly written poem, I’ve ever made and, if she had had access to the technology when I was little, she would have definitely 3D printed at least one doodle and displayed it proudly for the world to see.