3DP Applications

Turn your 'Let's Create! Pottery' creations into real 3D printed models

Sculpteo is continuing to develop its application offering enabling consumers to interact with its 3D printing services in its different forms. To this end, the French service provider has now partnered with Polish outfit Infinite Dreams, a games developer, with a specific focus on the ‘Let’s Create! Pottery’ feature. Infinite Dreams originally launched this digital pottery application back in 2010, and has since seen tremendous success with it via the Apple App Store and Google Play. Indeed more than 5 million downloads point to the app’s attractive interface and creative nature for users of all ages and abilities.

With the Sculpteo partnership agreement, users of the ‘Let’s Create! Pottery’ can now realistically and easily turn their digital pottery designs into a real 3D product, enabled by 3D printing.

‘Let’s Create! Pottery’ is available from Apple iTunes and Google play for $4.99 and the cost of your 3D printed model, which can be ordered via the new app update will be determined by the size of the design and material selection.

Clément Moreau, CEO and Co-Founder of Sculpteo commented on the new app: “By integrating our 3D printing platform into applications such as Let’s Create! Pottery shows how the magic of 3D printing can be applied in a number of different ways. This partnership demonstrates how ineluctably the division between the digital world and real world is disappearing thanks to 3D Printing technology.”

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