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TURBOCAM Finds Funding for Collaboration with UNH for 3DP Mechanical Behavior Research

Beyond the new products designed and manufactured with 3D printing, it remains paramount to innovation to thoroughly investigate the machinations and processes involved in the industry. In collaboration with the University of New Hampshire, Turbocam Energy Solutions, a Dover-based affiliate of TURBOCAM International, will evaluate the mechanical behavior of material used in SLS additive manufacturing. Thanks to the Granite State Technology Innovation Grant from the NH Innovation Research Center, the collaboration could take place.

University of New HampshireAfter hearing comments from Turbocam General Manager Jonathan Bicknell, it is not difficult to see why the collaboration received funding and support from the research center. “The cutting edge technology developed through our collaboration with the mechanical engineering department at UNH will enable TURBOCAM to launch new products for our aerospace, industrial and automotive customers. This new process will improve final product quality, increase product production, and create new high-quality technician and engineering jobs”. The litany of uses hits all the key bullet points for institutions looking to invest in innovation and job creation.

With over 150 multi-axis milling centers in 11 locatins in nine countries producing over one million parts per year, TURBOCAM will provide a different kind of collaboration with UNH than the typical industry-university synergy. Aptly voiced by Marko Knezevic, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at UNH. “We anticipate that the successful completion of this project will go beyond small, discrete projects typical of industry-university partnerships. This project could lead to a long-term strategic partnership that will merge the research-driven culture at the university with the innovation driven environment of industry”.

Certainly, the collaboration may provide a new model for research driven programs across the university landscape. Successful business models such as the one listed by TURBOCAM would only supplement the appeal of future intertwining ventures. It has the financial backing, now it must simply produce.

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