Titomic signs AUD $25.5M Equipment Sales Agreement with Global Defence Manufacturer  

Titomic, an Australian metal 3D printer manufacturer, has signed an AUD $25.5 million equipment sales agreement with Composite Technology, a global defense supplier. 

Titomic will provide two of its Titomic Kinetic Fusion (TKF) manufacturing systems. Composite Technology thinks this partnership will “increase capacity in the area of defense-related product and component development.”

Preceding the contract, Composite Technology did two years of extensive research to ascertain, the 3D printer manufacturer fulfills the quality assurance requirements. Titomic expects this contract to “open up further large revenue opportunities with strong industry partnerships in high-margin industries, such as defense.” 

Jeff Lang, Managing Director of Titomic, said, “This year, 2020, will be a major year for Titomic’s commercial development, with a focus on sales revenue and to continue along our strategic trajectory to become a major player in global metal manufacturing”. 

The Titomic Kinetic Fusion

TKF Manufacturing Systems aims to bring productivity and affordability to the metal industry, by its build rate of 75 kilograms of metal per hour.  With this capacity, Titomic expects metal 3D printing to enable industrial-scale serial production. 

Titomic’s patented TKT accelerates metal powders to supersonic speeds using an automated robotic process to additively manufacture parts. The 3D printer creates a solid-state metallurgical bond, enabling a rapid build of large metal parts without melting, by making the particles collide. 

Comparing to traditional methods, Titomic states, TKT can save up to 90% of material waste and reduce greenhouse emissions by 60%. Also, Titomic intends to unlock unique material manufacturing capabilities by the fusion of dissimilar metals and the economical use of titanium. 

A TKF 3D printer. Photo via Titomic
A TKF 3D printer. Photo via Titomic

Expanding in aerospace and defense 

Titomic has recently raised AUD $20 million to expand its operations in the aerospace and defense industries. 

To enter marine AM, the Australian metal 3D printer manufacturer has previously signed a Memorandum of Understanding with an international shipbuilding company, Fincantieri. One month later Titomic also signed a Material Science Testing agreement with Fincantieri, to produce large marine parts.

To develop 3D printed soldier-enabled drones, the Australian company has previously partnered with TAUV, a manufacturer of lightweight military-grade armor. This technology of Titomic’s has been shortlisted for the Land Forces 2018 Industry Innovation Awards

Titomic also entered the mining industry last year, signing an agreement with FLSmidth, a Copenhagen-based equipment supplier for the mining industry. 

To produce rocket and aerospace components, the Melbourne-based 3D printer manufacturer recently partnered with Australian space company Gilmour Space Technologies.

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Featured image shows Titomic’s titanium unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Photo via Titomic.