The Virtual Foundry quietly prints its way across the periodic table using common 3D printers

Building on its patent issued on August 13, 2019, The Virtual Foundry continues to expand its 3D printable materials offerings with an impressive trip across the periodic table of the elements. The Virtual Foundry currently stocks about 20 materials, including Titanium 64-5, Stainless Steel 316l and 17-4, Aluminum 6061, Iron (high magnetic permeability), Copper, Bronze plus a variety of metal and ceramic materials. 

The Virtual Foundry range of materials. Image via The Virtual Foundry.
The Virtual Foundry range of materials. Image via The Virtual Foundry.

In addition to the regularly stocked materials, The Virtual Foundry makes custom FFF printing materials for a broad spectrum of industries. Applications include everything from aerospace and Nuclear Power to Cancer Treatment and cutting edge electronics. Customers include NASA, Mitsubishi, The Department of Energy to name a few, and a slew of smaller groups. They’ve even made filament from simulated Moon Dust for developing in-situ lunar fabrication techniques. Nearly any other material can be made to order, including those containing commercial alloys such as Inconel, Hastelloy, Incoloy, and Monel. For more information please click here. Or contact [email protected]

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