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The Makies Get a Colourful Makeover

Makies, the customizable 3D printed action dolls from the London based MakieLab, keep expanding into new territories both business and portfolio-wise – and regarding the latter the army of 10-inch figurines now come with some freshly dipped unique skin tone options to extend the personalization process even further.

Eileen MakieThe new colour options are named descriptively, and, fortunately, they are not just generic, 21st Century PC-terms. Rather they are imaginative, yet illustrative names that can be shared with fellow admirers regardless of whether you are showing your Makies off in a class room or cubicle complex. The four choices are Ice Frosting, Strawberry Milk, Cocoa Bean and Pale Pistachio. If anything, Mountain View’s giant might not be too happy, as several viable name alternatives for its next Android versions now belong to the Makies.

Ordering a Makie with a pair of animesque-sized, sparkly eyes in a shade of your choice will cost you £99 pounds – that’s roughly $157 USD. And as Valentine’s Day approaches, this could be a great option as a personal and personalized gift for that special someone? And even if the postal services doesn’t reach you in time for that, I think it would be acceptable to give after the event — even without any special occasion.

Source: Makies