3D Scanners

The Desktop 3D Scanner Market is Getting Rather Crowded

Another desktop 3D scanner appearing to the market. Dimbody joins the club of Digitizer and Fuel3D in its desire to offer high quality 3d scanning in an easy and affordable desktop form. The body of Dimbody is similar to that of Digitizer’s with the rotating platform. Dimbody is currently looking for funding on Indiegogo and so far they have raised 425 € of their of 315.000€ Goal with 41 days left.  Currently they are asking for 899€ (1,198$) for the set, which is still cheaper than Digitizer at $1400, but more expensive than Fuel3D $990 via its Kickstarter. Anyway, Dimbody has something that Digitizer and Fuel3D are lacking: A catchy slogan!

Dimbody. Unleash your fantasy.