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The Buccaneer 3D Printer is Launching on Kickstarter in 2 Days

The much vaunted and long-awaited launch of Pirate3D’s Buccaneer 3D printer is just around the corner. The pirates (not really!) from Singapore have finally got the go ahead from Kickstarter and will be accepting pre-orders from May 30, 2013, 9 am PDT.

Traditionally Kickstarter has worked well for new 3D printing ventures and Pirate3D is hoping the Buccaneer will be successful on the crowd-funding website too. According to Brendan Goh, Pirate3D’s Chief of Operations: “It’s a recognition and an honor for Pirate3D to be on Kickstarter, the world’s leading crowd-funding platform. We were subjected to a rigorous vetting process and had to fulfill strict requirements on design, technology operations and production.”

This was backed up by Titan Lee, Pirate3D’s resident growth hacker: “The Buccaneer is designed for mass adoption and it corresponds with Kickstarter’s global reach to great project backers. To achieve the most affordable 3D printer in the world for the masses, we need to generate massive public awareness, and the global support to bring Buccaneer to every household, and achieve the democratization of innovation and creativity for everyone.”

The RRP for the Buccaneer, $347, was announced a couple of weeks back making it one of the most affordable consumer 3D printers on the market. But for early backers of the KS campaign, a very limited number of the 3D printers are available for $247. The Buccaneer is meant to function right out of the box with minimal set-up effort. Furthermore, the delivery date for early backers is slated for December 2013.

Pirate3D has also released a video showing the internal mechanisms of the Buccaneer at work.

From 30th May, Pirate3D’s Kickstarter page can be viewed here.