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Technical specs and pricing of new UnionTech PILOT SLA 3D printers

UnionTech, a producer of industrial SLA 3D printers with offices in Shanghai, Illinois and Frankfurt, has launched a new line of PILOT 3D printers. With the PILOT commercial series, released at TCT 2017, UnionTech are providing its professional machine specifications in a more compact and affordable package, “for companies looking for high quality 3D printing equipment with excellent surface aesthetics, application range, ease of use.”

Union Tech's PILOT 250 commercial SLA 3D printer. Image via Union Tech
UnionTech’s PILOT 250 commercial SLA 3D printer. Image via Union Tech

Feeding the growing mid-market

UnionTech first entered the 3D printer market in the year 2000 as Shanghai Union Technology Corporation. 2016 saw the successful expansion of its industrial SLA business into international markets across North America and Europe.

Since UnionTech’s market entry, the 3D printing industry has grown significantly, giving way to variety in the mid-market between the factory floor and the desktop. Engineering departments looking to integrate the technology for the first time and test its capabilities are driving this change, along with a widespread pressure to make additive manufacturing more cost effective for everyone.

Big build volume PILOT 450 model. Image via UnionTech
Big build volume PILOT 450 model. Image via UnionTech

Industrial strength capabilities in a compact machine

UnionTech’s commercial series has been initially launched as two machines: the PILOT 250 and the PILOT 450 indicating build volume.

Build platform specifications of the 250 are 250mm x 250mm x 250mm whereas the 450 measures 450mm x 450 mm x 400mm, matching the max size of UnionTec’s more expensive RSPro450 system.

According to the firm, PILOT commerical machines have “all the industrial strength capabilities” of the RSPro models with a number of similar features. Maximum laser scan speeds are capable of reaching up to 12 meters per second and, if like the RSPro450, average speeds will be close to 6–10 meters per second.

SLA 3D printing on the PILOT commercial predecessor RSPro450. Clip via Mech Solutions on YouTube.

3D printing specs and pricing

Layer thickness can reach as low as 0.05mm and, again if the same as the Pro model, a maximum of 0.25 mm.

Maximum printing temperatures are also 72–79°F (22–26°C) on the RSPro450, which may have changed slightly in the new model.

Additionally, the PILOT commercial range has an open materials and software platform, so the system is open to third party innovations.

Details of the pricing, as with all UnionTech’s machines, are available upon request.

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Featured image shows industrial SLA 3D printing from UnionTech. Image via UnionTech3D