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Tech Soft 3D releases updates to HOOPS software development kit

Software company, Tech Soft 3D from Orgeon, U.S.A, have released new 3D design software in 2017 update. The HOOPS Communicator, HOOPS Publish and HOOPS Exchange have all been updated and given new features. HOOPS is a family of toolkits for “visualization, CAD data access and 3D publishing.”

The most recent release of HOOPS is through the Communicator 2017 update which was announced this week. In the past few weeks, the company have released updates to HOOPS Publish and HOOPS Exchange. These toolkits are used by software companies to develop their own desktop, mobile and web applications.

The demand for 3D design software is prominent at the moment with big companies such as Microsoft acquiring design company Simplygon and Google releasing 3D data optimization tool Draco.

HOOPS Communicator 2017. Image via Techsoft 3D.
HOOPS Communicator 2017. Image via Techsoft 3D.

HOOPS Communicator 2017

Tech Soft have created HOOPS for partners that include Stratasys and their GrabCAD software, 3D Systems’ TeamPlatform and others. The newly released Communicator 2017 is tool for advanced web visualization.  “It’s a robust, purpose-built graphics kernel for developing engineering applications for the web“. In addition, Communicator is intended to develop software for Mobile devices.

Guido Hoffmann, HOOPS Communicator Product Manager, explains what’s new in the update,

The team has worked hard this year to improve the product in all areas and with this release, we have further streamlined the architecture to make it even easier to integrate HOOPS Communicator into an often complex server environment.

HOOPS Exchange interface. Image via Tech Soft 3D.
HOOPS Exchange interface. Image via Tech Soft 3D.

Publish and Exchange

Other members of the HOOPS family to receive updates are Publish and Exhange 2017. The Exchange tool allows user to convert their date into over 20 file formats, while Publish enables publication of 3D data into native 3D PDF, HTML or CAD.

With HOOPS Publish 2017, anyone can publish a rich 3D model with product manufacturing information (PMI) in several standard CAD formats.

Featured image shows Techsoft’s visualization of Beijing’s Birdsnest. Image via Techsoft 3D.