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Student Ambassadors to Bring Universities Aboard 3D Hubs' 3D Printing Network

3D Hubs Mayors have long served to organize 3D printing events in their local communities, but, now, the world’s largest distributed 3D printing network has launched a new program to spread 3D printing on college campuses.  With the new 3D Hubs Student Ambassador Program, students in the US, the UK and Canada can host campus events devoted to their favorite technology, educating their classmates about 3D printing and earning some 3D Hubs goods in return.

3D Hubs Student Ambassador 3D printing program student

Announced on 3D Hubs Talk today, the Student Ambassador Program will see students representing their universities’ own Hubs, as they connect with college societies and individuals, while promoting 3D Hubs events. George Fisher-Wilson, Head of the Student Ambassador Program, says, “Students are a large part of our business, and we feel that it is important to have someone listening to their needs and adding value to them – preferably their peers.”

3D Hubs Student Ambassador 3D printing programIn turn Student Ambassadors receive free access to 3D Hubs events, the promotion of their work, a letter of recommendation for job applications, 3D Hubs merchandise, and free 3D printing.  Ambassadors also receive a percentage of the orders they bring to 3D Hubs.  And the best Ambassadors on the program will get to all expenses paid trips to 3D Hubs HQs in Amsterdam or NYC.  Damn! It’s a good time to be a kid!

Brian Garret, co-founder of 3D Hubs, said of the program, “Since the earliest days of rapid prototyping, some of the most exciting developments in design and engineering have been coming from the classrooms of universities around the world. The new 3D Hubs Student Ambassadors program gives us the opportunity to connect with some of the today’s brightest students who are helping take today’s 3D printing applications to the next level.”

This is a brilliant idea for 3D Hubs, as students are ripe for networking, congregating in dorm rooms and mess halls, bars and dance floors.  At a minimal cost, 3D Hubs gets promoted in a key demographic, securing the future of their distributed manufacturing network.  The deal isn’t bad for college students either, who should be jumping on this opportunity, both to get familiar with the technology of tomorrow and to get some much needed resume cred.  Though they’re beginning with the UK, US, and Canada, 3D Hubs does plan to expand the program elsewhere. For now, students and university officials can visit the 3D Hubs Job Board to learn more and apply.