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Stratnel brings new 3Dp service to India

Stratnel Technologies is pleased to announce that it offers consultancy, tooling advice and 3D printing bureau services to discerning Indian customers!

“The basic strength of Stratnel is not just as a printing bureau; anybody with a $2,000 home printer can do that. We take the service a few notches higher by working with customers to verify design integrity, manufacturability and prototype management,” says Kris Raghavan, Chief Marketing Officer at Stratnel.

The CEO, K. Padmanabhan, who goes by his initial K, is a mechanical engineer with graduate qualifications in tool design and over 30 years of experience covering vendor development, product and tool design, and successful engineering management with a healthy bottom line. Until recently, he served as CEO for over 18 years in the Indian operations of Interplex Electronics, a US multinational involved in stamped components, tooling and engineered products.


CMO Kris Raghavan, a Chartered Accountant who also holds an MBA, has been based in Singapore for over 25 years and has senior management experience in sales and product marketing in the semiconductor sector in the Far East. He has extensive experience in process control, automation, machine vision and broadcast technologies. He also consults in Go-to-Market strategies.

When the two decided to start their own venture, it was no wonder then that they decided to go after a technology that involves their primary areas of expertise – product design, tool design, process control and prototyping. 3D printing was an ideal niche and they are now in business at Bangalore, India.

While the physical location of their business is in India, they are looking at the world as their oyster. Says K (Padmanabhan), “We are initially focusing on Bangalore, as lot of basic research and product development in aerospace, heavy engineering and automotive gets carried about in and around this place. However, if there are specific customer challenges that need to be solved, we can work with virtually any customer anywhere in the world. We have adequate logistics support to cater to this model as and when required”.

You can get into contact with them here.


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