3D Printing

Solidscape is Unveiling new Software and an All-in-One 3D Printer Enclosure at Euromold

Stratasys subsidiary Solidscape has announced that it is using its upcoming appearance at Euromold 2014 to show off two new 3D printing software applications and the Solidscape Base 3D printer enclosure and storage cabinet.

Solidscape is the manufacturer of high-precision wax 3D printers that has long been favorites of the jewelry industry for their ability to produce highly detailed prints. The new printer cabinet is being called an all-in-one 3D printing solution that will fit any models of the Solidscape 3Z series of printers. The Solidscape Base will contain and protect the 3D printer as well as store any support items needed for printing.

solidscape_wax 3d printed

The Base features a large internal storage space for tools, build plates and 3D printing materials. It will also integrate a Quatro Dust Collector that provides clean room-class dust and particulate collection. The dust collector will have a 12-month warranty and includes an anti-microbial bag that has a large enough capacity to require only occasional changes. A Voltage Input and Line Regulator will also be integrated into the Base intended to protect the sensitive electronics from being damaged by power surges or electrical voltage fluctuations.

“Solidscape is excited to launch a suite of innovative tools that streamline the 3D printing process with ease of use and remote access, allowing users to print anytime, anywhere,” Explained Solidscape President Fabio Esposito. “Solidscape prides itself on being on the forefront of 3D printing technologies, and we continue to look to the future as we map out new products and services.”

solidscape_max_2 3d printer

In addition to the Solidscape Base, they will also be showing off two new 3D printing software platforms. The software will give users remote access and monitoring capabilities for Solidscape 3D printers, so prints can be started, stopped, paused and monitored off site. They will also be showing off software that allows their printers to be controlled from a mobile device. Both software applications are expected to launch sometimes in 2015.

The 20th Euromold World Fair 2014 will take place in Frankfurt, Germany on November 25th until the 28th. Solidscape will be showing off the Base and their new software solutions from Booth B111 in Hall 111.