Solid Concepts Moves into 3D Printed Metal

Solid Concepts, the US based custom manufacturing company, has announced its move to offering customers the option of 3D printing metal with two new Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) machines at their manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas, USA. Solid Concepts expanded into the area of printed metals following a clear increase in demand from their customer base and the company acquired both an EOSM280 and an EOSM270 to boost their manufacturing capacity.

Solid Concepts DMLS

These two DMLS machines are the first of the company’s additive manufacturing machines for metals and this technology can provide significant benefits particularly for the medical and aerospace industries, both of which are sectors that Solid Concepts understands extensively. The new machines are intended to help to push the envelope for new innovation.

The company has dedicated the M270 exclusively to be used with stainless steel, a material that can be significantly hardened. The M280 runs Inconel 625 and 718, materials that are commonly used for internal engine components due to their durability, as well as Cobalt Chrome, which is widely used for medical devices and dental crowns. Inconel is a class of materials that uses high-wielded alloys, allowing the metal to withstand extremely high temperatures and stress.

The M280 uses a laser of greater volume than the M270, which allows the M280 to process materials faster. Both machines use Nitrogen gas, which helps to strengthen and actuate the welding of the metals. Solid Concepts has its own support equipment for each piece, which allows larger builds, as well as a dedicated finishing team to cater for any post manufacturing work — an often overlooked part of the 3D printing process, particularly with metal.

Solid Concepts provides a variety of other 3D printing and custom manufacturing services including; PolyJet, Z-Corp, SLA, SLS, HDSL, FDM, Cast Urethanes, CNC, Composite rapid prototypes and Tooling and Injection Molding services. To see the full slate of the Solid Concepts services and latest information, please visit the company’s website.