Sliced: 3D printing digest from 3DPI 9th Nov. 2016

In the fast moving 3D printing industry, there are often stories that don’t make the cut. Sliced is 3DPI’s answer to those stories and will be a regular round-up of fast news in a swift moving industry.

In an epoch defining week 3D printing progress marches on, including news that Nano Dimesion is on target for Q4. Keep reading for a taste of what else is going on in the 3D printing world.

Vanguard building a stake in 3D Systems

With GE’s take-over bid for SLM Solutions torpedoed by activist hedge fund, Elliot Associates, analysts are closely watching as investors accumulate equity positions in other 3D printing enterprises. According to documents filed with the SEC, Vanguard Group Inc. have increased their holding in the U.S. 3D printing manufacturer. This brings Vanguard’s ownership of 3D Systems to marginally over 7%.

PM Theresa May leaks 3D printing trade secrets?

Rumors about a stealth 3D printing project from Renishaw working on solar energy proved to be unfounded. A spokesperson for the company clarified the speculation about the British Prime Ministers comments in a speech made in India earlier this week. Apparently, a comma was missing from May’s statement, “we have Britain’s 3D printing tools in Pune bringing solar power to remote parts of India” and while Renishaw are active in the region, they have no projects involving solar and AM currently. Link to transcription here.

South Korean Kickstarter for sub $1,000 3D resin printer

In 2015 Owl Works launched and funded their Morpheus 3D LED & LCD vat photopolymerisation printer. A year later, the South Korea/California based company have launched a Kickstarter for a new Delta model that outstrips the price of a typical resin printer at under $1,000. The Delta model is more compact and easy-on-the-eye than the original Morpheus 3D, but keeps a reasonable bed size for performing multiple prints. With 21 days still to go, the $50,000 goal has already tripled, and it currently stands at $165,379 with 323 backers.

Gif shows a digital render of the forthcoming Owl Works Morpheus Delta. Clip via: Morpheus3DPrinter on Youtube

3D scanning on the up

Trimble Inc. (NASDAQ:TRMB), providers of 3D Scanning solutions, released financial results for Q3. Highlights included the launch of the SX10 Scanning Total Station which combines, “imaging, survey and 3D scanning into single field unit.” The company reported revenue of $332 million (Q3’15 $326) in their Engineering and Construction segment and overall revenue of $584.1 million (Q3’15 $562.3) The full results are available here.

Big prints big imagination from entrepreneurs in Sweden

In 2014 two friends, Cim Bergdahl and Jacob Lundin from Sweden, wanted to make a 3D printer big enough for their hobbies. Today, their company BLB Industries is now 3D printing scale model T-Rex heads and 4.5m tall columns that can be used as props or, let’s face it, would be fun for scaring the neighbors. This week they are exhibiting at Northern Europe’s leading subcontractor tradeshow Elmia in Sweden. We look forward to seeing them across the pond.

Giant prototypes printed by BLB Industries AB. Photo via: BLB Industries on Facebook
Giant prototypes printed by BLB Industries AB. Photo via: BLB Industries on Facebook

Firefly spine surgery is double safe

The previously reported Firefly technology from Spinal Elements gained a second FDA clearance this week for its customizable surgical screw guiding systems. This second clearance effectively extends to compatibility with ‘all currently cleared pedicle screw systems.’

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Featured image shows BLB Industries’ 3D printed T-rex skull  weighing 90kg and printed in 24-hours. Via: BLB Facebook