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Skanect Scanning Version 1.5 Officially Available for Mac Lineup of Usual Suspects

Developed to run optimally on Mac’s standard platforms, Skanect has officially released its Skanect 1.5 for the Mac OS X. Bug fixers come included as well as predictable offline reconstruction and voluminous file management. Skanect boasts a few capabilities for their release: export UV texture-mapped models (OBJ and PLY formats), VRML export for coloured models uploaded to Shapeways, nascent export parameters in millimeters, meters or inches and number of faces, smoothing level parameters for watertight models, optional track loss detection, and of course improved interface and performance rates (although performance numbers are measured for machines without GPU). You can download Skanect from their website. They also provide brief tutorials for different capabilities and applications and a page providing manipulation of 3D scanned images.

skanect  scanning on mac

With the proliferation of Mac products, it behooves Skanect to provide personal customers with the 3D scanning technology fit to send to print. It might be where my mind is right now, but the 3D scan of a room reminded me of a very adult version of a diorama, something used in a court as evidence for the scene of the crime or a detailed presentation of Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart. The tutorials are brief, but provide introductory knowledge for the interface one will use with Skanect. There is an assumption of familiarty with 3D scanning and development, a byproduct of this being version 1.5, that may take a novice some extra time to play catch-up. The official release is pleasant news for Mac owners and just may add incentive for previously hesitant to jump on the wagon yet ready to play on a personal computer with 3D scans and printing possibilities.

Source: Skanect