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Sinterit releases a new generation of LISA SLS 3D printers

Sinterit, a Poland-based manufacturer of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printers, has revealed the LISA 1.5, a new generation of the market’s first affordable desktop SLS 3D printer – the LISA 1. This launch comes two months after the release of the LISA 2, the desktop SLS 3D printer for industrial applications.

The LISA 1.5 SLS 3D printer currently boasts the ability to produce larger prints using enhanced hardware as well as easier maintenance and an improved user experience.

The LISA 1.5 SLS 3D printer. Image via Sinterit.
The LISA 1.5 SLS 3D printer. Image via Sinterit.

The new and improved LISA

The popularity of the original LISA 1 printer came from its cost-effective, support-free, and high-precision technology. Using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printing technology, the LISA 1 3D printer is able to produce complex 3D printed parts.

“Sinterit users access to industrial grade optimization for the SLS process, at the part, build packing and parameter level to ensure professional results from the desktop SLS 3D Printer,” said Konrad Głowacki, Co-founder of Sinterit in an earlier interview with 3D Printing Industry.

“This combination of affordable, professional software and hardware open up the use cases for polymer additive manufacturing.”

Sinterit has been working on improving the LISA 1 since its inception in 2014. Michał Grzymała-Moszczyński, Co-Founder of Sinterit stated:

 “We spent almost every day of this nearly four year period finding out what could be done better, more comfortable for the user and as flawless as possible. I am so proud of the fantastic work and incredible dedication of our engineers. Their work is going to help our clients print better and more reliably.”

Bigger, better & easier SLS 3D printing

One of the most significant changes to the LISA 1 is the increased printing size on the Y-axis. Previously the overall diagonal dimensions of the printing area reached 227mm, currently, the LISA 1.5 can print with the maximum size of 245mm. In addition, as the physical size of the printing bed stays the same, the printing area can be better heated allowing the printer to create larger objects.

Furthermore, the hardware enhancements in the LISA 1.5 have resulted in better temperature management which has ultimately increased in the reliability of prints, according to Paweł Szczurek, CEO of Sinterit.

Easier access to upper heating unit on the LISA 1.5. Photo via Sinterit.
Easier access to the upper heating unit on the LISA 1.5. Photo via Sinterit.

Additionally, there are several changes made, such as a tighter gasket and protective glass,  which increased the efficiency of the whole 3D printing system.

The user of this printer will also experience easier maintenance as the LISA 1.5 enables quicker access to the lid and a simple laser protective glass replacement method which reduces the time needed to start printing and the time taken to clean the Lisa after a print.

The LISA 1.5 is now available at the price of €4990,  which is identical to the original price of the LISA 1. 

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Featured image shows the LISA 1.5 SLS 3D printer. Image via Sinterit.