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Sigma Labs Joins The AMC & Is Awarded Grant to Develop 3DP Monitoring Tech

3D printing and additive manufacturing technology R&D firm Sigma Labs was just asked to join the Additive Manufacturing Consortium run by the Edison Welding Institute. They were also awarded a grant to develop real-time process control for 3D printing and additive manufacturing systems by the NIST.

The AMC is a metal additive manufacturing advocacy organisation comprised of government agencies, industrial leaders and members of academia who aid the development and commercial readiness of metal-based additive manufacturing technology.

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“I am very pleased to announce that Sigma Labs is now part of the AMC, considered the foremost group of organizations in additive manufacturing,” said Sigma Labs President and CEO Mark Cola. “The AMC includes many prominent industrial, aerospace, and defense companies, and this offers us the opportunity for technology collaboration as well as business development.”

printrite 3d printer Sigma Labs also announced that independently they received a contract from Edison Welding Institute as part of a grant from NIST – the US Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology – to encourage the development of in-process monitoring technology like the company’s existing PrintRite3D technology. The grant was for $5 million in total and was awarded to universities, laboratories, and businesses in the field of additive manufacturing.

“The award of our first contract from the EWI, under the auspices of the NIST contract, positions Sigma Labs for further demonstration of our unique systems for improved quality control in additive manufacturing.” Continued Cola. “We look forward to working with the EWI on these and other initiatives going forward.”

PrintRite3D was developed by Sigma Labs who recently successfully completed a beta test with GE Aviation for their real-time non-destructive inspection technology. The company plans to release its PrintRite3D software and hardware suite next year. Here is a video about Sigma Labs and their inspection process:

EWI is dedicated to the development and advancement of materials joining and manufacturing technology, however they have become one of the leading researchers into metal additive manufacturing applications and processes in the country. They hope to develop a 3D printing quality certification that can be implemented industry wide.