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Shapeways' WoW-Minecraft 3D Printing Contest

What could be better for a gaming aficionado than spending some quality time with two of the most defining (pas)time thieves of this century – World of Warcraft and Minecraft? I have an answer — to combine these two awesome games and bring the pixels into the physical world with 3D printing.

The fourth and newest addition to the WoW family, Mists 0f Pandaria, is getting a makeover Minecraft-style in a competition set-up by Minecraft Forums. The idea is to design elements from Mists of Pandaria in Minecraft and upload the creations to Shapeways for a chance to win gift cards accompanied by an Xbox 360. The lucky winner and the new owner of the console will be chosen by vote and the three runners up by Shapeways.

For more specific instructions on creating your own entry to the contest, further information can be found here. But, if reading after a weekend of Minecraft marathon sessions is not your preferred option for consuming information, you can also get to grips with the concept through visual means by watching the instructional video of the process basics by Eric Haines himself below.

Want to see some results of the sweepstakes so far? Then why not head to the Shapeways source link yourself & feast for your eyes. But after that be sure to start designing your own winning design – all entries must be uploaded to Shapeways by October 25th .

Source: Shapeways, Mineways