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Selassi – 3D Printing “Nurtures” Amazing Consumer Products

Selassi is a bright new lighting and homeware brand that showcases unrestrained and beautiful design enabled by the production medium of 3D printing technologies. James Pryor the designer behind the quite exquisite Selassi brand works on the following premise: “Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could surround ourselves with objects that are not limited by the restraints of mass production?”

3D printing processes once again bring this vision to life and James is able to contextualise this from his perspective and understanding of the technology: “Often ieas, concepts and designs are restricted and compromised because there is no way to realise their potential. At Selassi we overcome the barriers of traditional production by using laser light to nurture our designs particle by particle into the most amazing and fascinating products.”

Everything you see at Selassi is ‘grown’ to order so that each individual piece is unique, exquisite and precious

The process that James refers to here is selective laser sintering (SLS) and this is provided as a service by Selassi’s collaborative partner — Ogle Models + Prototypes. Ogle has long been associated with innovative product development and as such produces some of the UK’s most outstanding prototypes and models. With a long established and exemplary reputation for building models and prototypes using advanced 3D printing processes for the manufacturing and design sectors, Ogle has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to 3D printing the highest quality products.

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