3DP Applications

SCRIOS – Tabletop RPG with 3D Printed Accessories

Serving 3D printed objects as a side is an approach best served printer-hot, as applications where the tech can be used to create added value for the user are not limited by much else than the creative capacity of the brains behind the various projects. However, sometimes those 3D printed elements have felt much like superimposed components, only included for the sake of the hype around the tech. The strategies used seem to be sometimes formulated without much consideration on how the 3D printed elements actually fit into the complete service package,  whereas tabletop gaming seems like one of the more obvious choices to apply some FDM magic – and be justifiable.

One of these type of games incorporating layered plastic features to the service package is currently looking for (modest/realistic?) funding on Kickstarter. Scrios is a space-centered tabletop rpg from Richard Hercher’s ambiguously named indy company HaHaRich LLC, where traditional tabletop gaming equipment and accessories such as dice, pen and paper can join forces with additional (Sculpteo) 3D printed space ships. The 3D printed interstellar vessels have a place for a 20 sided die at their base, which is used to mark the height of the ship on the 2D map.

Scrios MicroFusion Class 1 Gunship 3d model

As the well-made Scrios book is available for free download on iTunes or directly from the company and the 3D printed space ship miniatures sold at an additional fee, the $500-aiming Kickstarter campaign is looking for funding simply to cover some of the running costs created during the two-year development period. For a thoroughly thought out and designed game otherwise available for practically free, the set goal doesn’t seem unreasonable nor like too much of a stretch.

Source: SCRIOS