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RoVaPaste Hybrid Food 3D Printer Opens Up for Pre-Orders

ORD Solutions demonstrated great success with their RoVa3D printer, achieving more than 5X their Kickstarter goal to launch their five-color/material extruding system.  While the crowdfunding campaign for the paste extruding version of their platform didn’t quite get off the ground, ORD wants those backers that were interested in a 3D printer capable of printing paste to get the product they’re after.  And, so, the Canadian company has opened up pre-orders for the RoVaPaste 3D Printer on their website, with prices starting at $1,499.

rova 3D paste printer specs from ord solutions

The RoVaPaste system modifies the previous printer platform by incorporating up to two paste extruders and two filament extruders.  Though this may allow for the extrusion of food pastes, like brownie mix or Nutella, it also means that users can 3D print inedible materials like “silicone, gypsum, clay, epoxy, drywall compound, glues, wood putty, oozeq, polyurethane”, and more, which is why those two extra filament extruders might come in handy. Mixing materials may not always be easy, but, when possible, the RoVaPaste printer opens up the possibility for some complex prints.

rova 3D paste printer from ord solutions

For $1,499, you get the single extruder version and $2,249 gets you two filament extruders and two paste extruders. All of this can be upgraded further with closed-loop stepper motors, vibration dampeners, a 7″ tablet for untethered printing, and Simplify3D printing software. But, if you order before Halloween, you can get $250 back and be entered in a contest to be reimbursed for your purchase. This goes for all of their printers, by the way.

rova 3D paste printer diagram from ord solutions

With an inherent interest in food printing, the RoVaPaste printer is an enticing one.  My only worry is that I wouldn’t know what to do with all of that material flexibility! It seems as though, after getting over the initial learning process, the combinations offered by the RoVaPaste could be just about endless.