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Roboze launches new additive manufacturing service for demanding applications

Italy and U.S based 3D printer manufacturer Roboze has launched a new distributed additive manufacturing service specifically for high-performance applications. 

Known as Roboze 3D Parts, the service has been described by the company as a network for helping businesses in reducing their costs by shortening the steps in the supply chain, digitalizing inventory, and producing and delivering components on demand. The parts, designed for high-end applications with tough requirements, are made from composites and advanced polymers such as PEEK, CARBON PEEK, EXTEM™ (TPI), CARBON PA, and ULTEM AM9085F.

“Roboze 3D Parts is a key component of our vision to help manufacturers reduce their supply chain costs and time through digitalization of their inventory,” comments Alessio Lorusso, CEO of ROBOZE.

“[Roboze 3D Parts will] help them accelerate innovation to cope with the fast evolving market dynamics and deliver customized parts when they need, where they need.”

The ROBOZE ARGO 350 3D printer. Photo via ROBOZE
The ROBOZE ARGO 350 3D printer. Photo via ROBOZE

Roboze high-performance 3D printing technology

Founded in 2014, Roboze is a developer of high-temperature FFF/FDM 3D printers and advanced thermoplastic polymers. Referred to as “superpolymers,” Roboze’s materials, like Carbon PEEK and Carbon PA, are said to match the mechanical properties of components produced with metal. The company has also entered into material partnerships with the likes of SABIC and Solvay to develop a range of high-performance filaments

Roboze’s 3D printers include its Xtreme series, which made its debut in North America at RAPID+TCT 2019. Designed for high-temperature 3D printing, both the Roboze One Xtreme and Roboze One+400 Xtreme utilize the company’s patented Beltless System. Earlier this year, Pennsylvania State University (PSU) acquired the Roboze One+400 Xtreme as part of a project to advance the development of high-performance plastics

At Formnext 2019, Roboze launched the ARGO 350 additive manufacturing system. Part of the company’s Production Solutions portfolio, it is designed to build everything from functional prototypes to end-use parts.

Items, printed on a Roboze 3D printer. Photo via Thinklazer.
Items, printed on a Roboze 3D printer. Photo via Roboze.

Roboze 3D parts

With experience in producing 3D printing technology for demanding applications, Roboze seeks to place this expertise at its customer’s service with Roboze 3D Parts. The service is intended for applications that need to withstand critical environments in demanding sectors such as aerospace, motorsport, automotive, oil and gas, industrial manufacturing, and electronics.

Roboze positions the new on-demand manufacturing service as an effective solution for companies seeking to mitigate risk, while also offering the potential to transition into a digital supply chain. Roboze 3D Parts relies on a global network of manufacturing, engineering, and post-processing firms to deliver 3D printed components to its customers locally. Each of the partners is equipped with Roboze’s 3D printers, including the FFF Argo system. 

“Roboze 3D PARTS production partners are phenomenal companies with broad expertise in manufacturing end use parts with highly technical materials. We are building a synergic network that is able to fulfill the requirements of a variety of key industries,  with the mission to facilitate our customers transitioning into the next phase of digitalized manufacturing, helping them starting up and scaling up their projects faster”,  explained Francesco Pantaleone, Managing Director of Roboze 3D Parts. 

3D prints from Roboze. Photo via Roboze.
3D prints from Roboze. Photo via Roboze.

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Featured image shows items 3D printed on a Roboze 3D printer. Photo via Roboze.