3D Printing

Reuseum: 3D Printers for Education

Reuseum Educational Inc. is a US based non-profit organization and part of the Reuseum Scientific, Industrial and Government surplus equipment outlet in Garden City in Idaho. The team at Reuseum is working on a new initiative to help individuals and organizations based around Treasure Valley to adopt 3D printing technology. The company’s 3D Printers for Education initiative is aiming to help educators and educational institutions, including public libraries and other civic organizations, to use and maintain the latest open source desktop 3D printers.

David Ultis, who is the Development Director at Reuseum Educational, has been working with 3D printing technology since its inception and constructed several open source 3D printers himself. Few of these machines have already been deployed at the local schools and David Ultis has expanded his work into running the local Open Lab Idaho to educate hobbyists and inventors to build their own machines.

Reuseum EducationalMr Ultis explains “Reuseum Educational doesn’t just provide organizations with a fully assembled and ready-to-print RepRap 3D printer, but with a complement of services, as well, like setup and calibration, training and tech support, upgrade paths, and materials sourcing intelligence and group purchasing”. In addition to the full set of 3D printer services, the team offers advice on forming grassroots campaigns and working with crowdfunding partner Social Good Network, as well as participating in community based 3D printer component crowdsourcing networks to finance or help zero out the devices.

Reuseum Educational’s 3D-printing packages range from $1,500 to $2,500 depending on the needs of the organization or individual.  Their latest RepRap 3D printer is a MendelMax version 1.5 with several custom, proprietary upgrades. The team is also hosting technology and sustainability classes at their dedicated workshop and offers opportunities for internships for Treasure Valley high school students.  You can find more information about their activities at Reuseum.