Various 3D printing services are seeing a rapid growth and being made available around the world. The first of this kind of service in the Middle East is a company called RapidManufactory, which is a 3D printing and manufacturing shop based in Beirut in the Lebanon. RapidManufactory is offering 3D printing services across the board with its 3D printers that include a prosumer level machine as well as industrial grade Laser Sintering stations. The service produces parts in plastic and metal.

Rapid Manufactory modelThe shop is part of “The Bakery” at Mar-Mikhayel in Beirut, and offers a range of services from 3D scanning to casting as well as 3D printing. RapidManufactory has developed  its own blend of polyamide material, which is obtained from natural resources such as castor oil, as well as cement to enable the printing of precise models for architects. The shop can also print out polystyrene models, which are used in the process of casting metal.

The retail presence will no doubt bring this technology closer to consumers and designers who want to utilise the many benefits of 3D printing in the region. This development is welcome, as to date many of these services have only been reserved for people who have their own 3D printer or order commercial parts from a service bureau – what better way to experience the many possibilities of this technology than to visit the shop in an “old fashioned” way and do it yourself.

Rapid Manufactory