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Rapid Shape new 3D printers for hearing aid industry

Rapid Shape, the 3D printer manufacturer headquartered in the South German town of Heimsheim, has announced a new range of 3D printers for the hearing aid industry.

The range comprises the Studio-Line HA20 II, HA30 II and HA40 II.

Rapid Shape CEO Andreas Schultheiss said, “The new Hearing printers make it quicker and easier than ever to produce professional and biocompatible hearing aid parts. Rapid Shape has worked closely with our customers and material partners to develop the new generation of 3D printers that meet and exceed current needs.”

Our optional remote maintenance is a win-win for customer, material partner and system manufacturer. The total costs could be reduced by up to 50% while preserving medical device directive compliant processes.

The HA20 II can 3D print multiple ear pieces in under 30 minutes, and is intended to facilitate in-house production at a shop leve. While the HA30 II and HA40 II are focused on higher production capacity. One feature of the HA30 II is the compact device dimension, while the HA40 II has a slightly larger building platform (150 x 85 mm) and additional technical functions can already be used by larger laboratories and producers.

Rapid Shape says the automatic platform changer complements the high-speed, industrial-scale HA90 speed series and enables robust, automated processes at lowest unit costs. Optional remote maintenance contracts significantly reduce maintenance costs and ensure with medical device law compliant manufacturing processes.

Hearing aids are not the only medical and healthcare applications Rapid Shape works with. In mid-2017, Swiss dental company Straumann purchased a 35% holding in Rapid Shape to further advancement of digital dentistry and progress 3D printing technology for the dental sector.

The new models will be presented for the first time from 23rd to 25th March 2018 at the Congrès des audioprothésistes, in Paris (France), a trade fair specialized in hearing acoustics.

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Featured image shows the Rapid Shape D20 3D printer. Image via Rapid Shape.