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Pulse Creative Technologies Launching Its Own Pop Wood Compatible 3D Printer

Pulse 3D pritner 3d printing industry3D printing shops and online shops evolve rapidly. They have to, to keep up with the demands of an industry that is changing more rapidly than any one that came before it. So after starting their online shop in May 2014 to sell a range of RepRap 3D printers (Rostock Mini Delta and Prusa based), Android tablets and vehicle diagnostic tools, Valencia-based Pulse Creative Technologies is now launching its own 3D printer.

The Pulse Apis 3D Printer has been developed to be compatible with all filament, including not only ABS, PLA, PETG and PVA but also Pop Wood, the wood based filament developed and sold by China based Popbit, and which looks very similar to Kai Parthy’s LayWoo-D3. The new 3D printer is now in the final phase of testing, as you can see for yourself in this video.

The Pulse Apis will retail for £1498.99 and will be capable of up to 180 mm/s printing speeds with a print volume of 240x240x230 mm. John Roberts and Mitchel Cox, co-founders of Pulse Creative Technologies, are aiming for creative industries in general as a target market for their 3D printer, which will land into quite a crowded global market.

That might not matter, since there still are very large local pockets to fill, and the Valencia area may be one of them: that is what distributed manufacturing is all about and, according to the team at Pulse, the enthusiasm and the interest around their project is skyrocketing.