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Project RE_ – Upcycled Industrial Design With a 3D Printing Twist

RE_ is a design project by Samuel N. Bernier, an award winning Canadian industrial designer, focusing on upcycling everyday things into something new, stylish and useable. Upcycling – as opposed to recycling – in a nutshell translates to turning different objects, unuseable in their current condition, into something new and inspirational. This is done, for example, by combining different unused household objects and creating coherent new objects out of them by applying intelligent design. Functionality is also upgraded by combining the original object with additional parts that are added and created with a 3D printer. Watch Sam explain his project in a bit more detail below:

Samuel will also be joining the digital workshop Le Fabshop in France, which, in addition to his obvious talent also indicates that Project RE_ is just the beginning. Take a look at some of the amazing creations from Sam (and from a 3D printer, of course).

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Source: Coroflot

All images: Samuel N. Bernier / Project RE_

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