3D Printing

PrintToPeer & Print Audit Partnership Allows Members Remote Control of Customers’ 3D Printers

PrintToPeer, which provides a powerful yet user friendly management layer for 3D printers, has partnered with Print Audit® to help office equipment dealers remotely monitor and manage both their own (and their customers’) 3D printers.

PrintToPeer remote control 3d printer

Print Audit’s unique Premier membership program gives businesses virtually unlimited access to all of Print Audit’s products for one low monthly price. By catering to these members, PrintToPeer is able to add a lot of value right out of the gate by making it easy to get started in the emerging 3D printing space. All it takes is one click and you’re able to print and monitor your designs from anywhere in the world.

“Like Print Audit®, we pride ourselves on innovation,” said Tom Bielecki, Founder and CEO of PrintToPeer. “PrintToPeer [which boasts unique wireless control and cloud slicing modules] is the first company to give office equipment dealers the ability to remotely monitor and manage 3D printing, which will help them provide the best possible experience for their customers.”

This emphasis on value-driven customer experience is clearly important to both PrintToPeer and Print Audit®. As part of their partnership, PrintToPeer will provide Premier members with a complimentary Raspberry Pi based print server as well as software that will enable them to remotely manage their customers’ 3D printers, or their own.

With the entire 3D printing space evolving so rapidly, it is exciting to see such partnerships form and hard not to dream of the possibilities.