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POP Fab – A Suitcase Size 3D Printer

There has been a travel issue with all the existing 3D printer models, such as Thing-O-Matic and Solidoodle. Most of them need assembling and even Cubify that is fully assembled is not suitable to be taken with on a travel. However, lately two MIT students introduced PopFab, a 3D printer that fits into a suitcase, and made 3D printers mobile.

Ilian Moyer (MIT CADLab) and Nadya Peek (MIT Center for Bits and Atoms) were the masterminds behind the PopLab and introduced the device to the World through an online video that demonstrates the whole process and how the device works. It’s truly exciting as it seems very simple to use it: just open the suitcase, attach the printing head, put in some material and connect to a computer to feed in the wanted design.

Depending on the printing head various different processes in addition to 3D printing such as milling, drawing and vinyl cutting, which makes is a multitool. The actual travel has been successfully tested within the US to Aspen and Colorado and also Germany and Saudi Arabia.

Below is the first episode video that introduces the PopFab. We are very excited to see what the future episodes bring along. Stay tuned!


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