Pirate’s Treasure — A 3D Printer

Pirate 3D – the company that is developing the new Buccaneer 3D printer in Singapore – is currently running a competition for anyone to “guess the price” of the Buccaneer  when it launches very soon. Anyone interested in taking part in the contest has until midnight on 5th May 11.59 PDT.

If you take the trouble AND you get the closest guess (or the exact RRP of course) then you ‘stand a chance’ of winning a complete Buccaneer 3D Printer! The guys have, unsurprisingly, been inundated and received in excess of 1000 entries in the first day. As a result, they have subsequently made it known that they will give away one Buccaneer for every 1,000 entries submitted.

It has to be said, it looks to be shaping up to be a smart piece of kit. Take a look at the images the Pirate 3D team have released of the Beta machines:


Source: Pirate 3D