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The $100 Peachy Printer Kit is Now Accepting Pre-Orders

You can now pre-order the Peachy Printer Kit for $100, which will require assembling, or, alternatively, you can order the completely assembled Peachy Printer Pro for $1000. Both photolithographic 3D printers are scheduled to ship out in July 2015.

peachy 3d printer The massive crowdfunding success of the Peachy Printer is not the largest or most impressive Kickstarter payday. But the fledgling 3D printer manufacturer is certainly in the top ten. With an initial funding goal of $50,000, Peachy Printer inventor Rylan Grayson was hoping to finish off his unconventional prototype and move on to the next. But his Kickstarter campaign ended up netting him over $650,000 and committing him to produce over 4000 printer kits, a pretty overwhelming number for a small startup.

However after a few bumps and delays the Peachy Printer is now available for preorder, with an estimated delivery date on July 2015. As per the condition on the original Kickstarter project, they will be shipping out printers in order of donation amount, so the highest original donations will receive their printers first. Once all of the crowdfunding backers have received their printers any new pre-orders will be filled.

But the pre-order availability isn’t the only news from the Peachy Printer camp, after working closely with their beta testers many of the printing glitches have been solved and the machine is printing models better than ever. You can see a video showing off some of the new prints here:

If you’re not sure how the Peachy Printer works, it’s actually shockingly simple. The technology is similar to resin stereolithography printers like the Form 1, however in order to keep costs down, Grayson gave it a rather innovative twist. Most liquid resin 3D printers use a motorized build plate to adjust the models height in relation to the top level of resin. In order to keep the price down, the solution was to float a layer of resin on top of a pool of salt water, and as the model finishes a layer the water level will rise, raising the level of resin and allowing the next layer to be hardened.

The Peachy Printer is available as a self-assembly kit for $100, which comes with everything that you will need to build your printer with the exception of containers to hold liquid and a mounting system. The kit requires no wiring or electronics work, however many of the parts are very small and need to be assembled very carefully. Grayson has provided some very detailed assembly instructions.

peachy 3d printer kit parts

Additionally you can order the completely assembled Peachy Printer Pro for $1000. The Pro will come complete and not require any assembly, and according to Grayson they will be using higher quality parts, hence the price difference.

While the Peachy Printer is going to end up about a year behind schedule, Grayson was very clear and up front that his project was experimental technology and the fulfilment dates were not firm. And I think at this point most 3D printing enthusiasts are well aware of the difficulty of bringing a new printer to market, and I have seen a few express a desire for the printer to be finished correctly, not hurried to meet an unrealistic date. If the success of his crowdfunding campaign and the enthusiastic support of his backers is anything to go on, there may be a new 3D printing success story in the works.