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Original 3D Printed Art Via Polychemy

The online consumer market for 3D printed goods is continuing to evolve, with more and more channels offering the key advantages that this technology offers a discerning clientele, namely stunning visual pieces — customised and original. A new pioneer in this space is Polychemy — an online designer boutique set up by artists to bring their work in front of a global audience. Their current offerings include jewellery, statues and mobile phone covers designed by various artists from different corners of the world.

All of the products available from Polychemy is 3D printed and the all are one-of-a-kind designs from well known artists such as Eric Van Straaten, who will be showcasing some of his work at the London 3D Print Show this weekend. Polychemy will be expanding its offering to include products from more artists in the future — utilising the alternative freedom of creating art with 3D technology.

Here we share some of the beautiful creations and you can also provide feedback on their up and coming designs via the Polychemy blog site, where the team is sharing some of the latest items on their road map.

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