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OpenRC 1:10 Truggy Concept RC Car

Thingverse is beaming with innovative new concepts and our eyes were caught by “barspin” and his concept for a radio controlled truggy car. This project is still at the experimental stages, and in true open source form, anyone can add / propose modifications and improvements.

RC Truggy Concept1If you have your own 3D printer, you can print the 1:10 RC model yourself and acquire the few extra parts such as drive shafts, ball joints and electronic parts from your nearest local supplier. For this particular model the bottom plate is split into two separate pieces to fit in his printer, and according to his experience the final assembly is “sturdy” enough to make it all work.

He has also opened up a discussion page on Google+ communities which makes an interesting read for anyone planning to take this forward at home. The comments and modifications are pouring in and we are keen to see the latest advances in the weeks to come. If you have links to pictures and interesting takes on Barspin’s creation, please share them with us in the below comments section.

You can find his Thingverse page with written instructions and files here.

RC Truccy Concept2