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New RepRapPro Ormerod 2 Kits Are Now Available for Purchase

RepRapPro has just made their newest RepRap 3D printer kit, the Ormerod 2, available for purchase. You can get the complete easy to assemble kit for $735 or just the hardware for $622.

ORM2 rep rap 3d printer

Named for the entomologist Eleanor Ormerod, the original Ormerod is a well-regarded 3D printer that boasted impressive specs when it debuted late last year. Not only was it a solid 3D printer with respectable detail and build speed, but it was reportedly very easy to assemble, taking only about two hours to complete when many other RepRap kits could take twice as long for even experienced makers.

ormerod_2_rep rap 3d printer bedThe Ormerod 2 maintains the basic design, look, and ease of assembly of the previous model, however they have created new detailed assembly instructions, and even managed to drop the price a little bit. Some minor changes to the design were done to make using the printer easier, including improving access to the new locked drive stack extruder to make cleaning easier and the Y motor has been aligned with the other two axes so it is easier to zero.

ormerod 2 rep rap 3d pritner fan

Additionally they’ve replaced the Y carriage belt location and used 3D printed parts rather than laser-cut parts, which allows for greater control of the belt tension. The heated bed now has three-point support, and the infrared Z/bed probe will take more accurate readings so it’s easier to level the bed.

The wiring looms were simplified so assembly would be faster and still require no soldering. They reduced the number of wires coming out of the machine by integrating the power supply inside of the printer. And it is all run with an even simpler web interface with new software that is backwards compatible with the Ormerod 1.

RepRapPro plans to have an Ormerod 2 running and on display at the TCT Show in Birmingham next week, where they will be taking orders. So if you’re in the area and interested in the new printer you can go see it in action. They also state that Ormerod 2 kits should ship within 1 working day from being ordered so there shouldn’t be any long fulfillment delays.