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New HP Sprout PC features Leopoly’s 3D software

HP Inc.’s all-in-one desktop computer, “Sprout“, features Leopoly’s 3D creation software, has been released on September 1st.

The first Sprout came to the market in November, 2014 with a scanner, a depth sensor, a hi-resolution camera and a projector all in a single device, which was already a big change for 3D designing.  The new expectation in the latest Sprout, however, is to allow users to create their personalized objects and to discover the full opportunities of Blended Reality by combining the HP’s hardware with Leopoly’s edge software solutions.

Image: HP
Image: HP

Put it simply, the idea behind it is that anyone can grab something from the real world, scan it, then customize it using the built-in Leopoly application and finally print it via Sculpteo’s on-demand service.

Produced to be a set of much more convenient kit that integrate 3D Scanning, designing and printing in a dual-screen interface, it could provide a simpler way for Blended Reality creation.

The Leopoly software is available on the Sprout platform alongside 10 complementary creative and skill development applications, all of which allow users to explore and experiment with this new interface to maximum effect.

Image: Leopoly
Image: Leopoly

With visualized traits, the Leopoly feasture allows users to jump right in and change a host of features (e.g. the shape, color, size and materials) of the 3D scanned data. Also, uses are able to add their personal styles to the object with choices to incorporate a personal message or pattern onto the part or product. Furthermore, if what users want is to exert their inner creativity, they can “start from scratch” or upload their own designs and subsequently customize them.

Design tools includes the following:

  • Freehand Digital Sculpting
  • 3D Object Mixing
  • 3D Coloring
  • Parametric Customization, together with add Text, Patterns and Images options.

The marriage between the new groundbreaking Leopoly software and HP hardware platform finally bridges the gap between technology and the DiY culture, enabling the creative community to let their imagination come to life by shaping blended reality” (Roland Manyai, CEO of Leopoly)

According to HP, they’ve also been working on an experimental project called Sprout Pro to offer an original digital learning environment for students at all ages. This include an immersive 3D experience that enables an intuitive approach to STEAM subjects from a make-to-learn perspective.

Feature Image: Sprout