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MyMiniFactory Integrates into Zeus 3D for Streamlined 3D Printing Experience

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Community 3D printing platform MyMiniFactory has had its guaranteed 3D printable library of over 15,000 objects integrated directly into the Zeus 3D Printer by AIO Robotics.

This means that users of the Zeus can access designs from MyMiniFactory directly from the printer itself, using an easy to use touchscreen interface.

This partnership marks Zeus as being the world’s first 3D printer that provides access to the MyMiniFactory library directly from the machine itself. In the past MyMiniFactory has been integrated into a number of slicing programs such as Cubicon’s CubiCreator and CEL Robox’s Automaker, but a direct printer integration is a new step, and a sign of big things to come.

MyMiniFactory operates completely independently and is not tied to a particular brand or manufacturer. This gives them the freedom to offer their library to users of any 3D printer with integration capabilities. In addition to this, all designs on MyMiniFactory have been test printed, ensuring users don’t waste time or materials when trying to find suitable models to print.

Romain Kidd, CEO of MyMiniFactory, commented: “It’s great to see MyMiniFactory embedded directly into a desktop 3D printer for the first time. It’s exciting to know that all Zeus users will be able to access directly from their machine more than 15,000 quality 3D printable objects. We look forward to integrating into even more machines in the future so that more and more people can discover the talents of the amazing designers sharing on MyMiniFactory.”

Jens Windau, Founder and CEO of AIO Robotics, commented: “We’re excited to be able to offer our users access to the MyMiniFactory platform directly from the Zeus. The fact that every digital object is guaranteed to print means that the experience for our customers will be hassle free. This sense of quality aligns perfectly with the way our printer was designed and is intended to be used.”

If you are a 3D printer manufacturer or have your own slicing software and would like to integrate MyMiniFactory then please get in touch at [email protected].