MyMiniFactory by iMakr Goes Live

iMakr, as highlighted by Juho at the end of last month, has revealed and launched it’s online 3D printing-specific 3D model repository. The stock of models held on myminifactory.com are particularly suited for printing on desktop 3D printers.

Prior to launch, Juho predicted that this service, coming from iMakr, would be “carefully mapped out and outlined.” And so it appears to be. Even a cursory glance at the sight reveals an aesthetically pleasing view. Explore a little further and the user interface is simple and straightforward what ever your motivation is for being there.

Other than lurking (like me), there are numerous motivations for being there, which include downloading designs from a series of clearly defined categories; uploading one or more designs; and/or “request an object.” Click on the request link and you get a more in-depth explanation of the functionality of the site. This particular function enables users to interact with designers to produce 3D (printable) models of items that are not otherwise available. This is a nice touch, particularly for the consumer market – a key target for iMakr — who are unlikely to have specialist 3D design skills. By filling in a simple form online, the process is set in motion and iMakr will contact you direct for more information. In some cases, the design work, if relevant to the community may be provided for free. In terms of printing, iMakr’s prices are typically by the hour — £10 p/h — plus materials.

It is a no obligation service. So, once you have the design, if you no longer want to proceed to 3D printing it, they that’s ok.

At time of writing, the models that are stocked on the site are free to download, with a limit of five p/m.

Some example models available on iMakr:

MyMiniFactory iMakr Models MyMiniFactory iMakr Models