MyMiniFactory acquires 3DC to push forward with 3D printing ‘MetaReverse’

MyMiniFactory, a leading 3D file marketplace based in London, has announced the acquisition of 3DC, the company behind on-demand manufacturing service provider Only-Games.

Founded in 2017, Only-Games specializes in the 3D printing and delivery of tabletop gaming models. The backbone of the business is a robust order management system that customers can use to purchase original 3D printed miniature assets on-demand, with rapid delivery times to boot.

With the move, MyMiniFactory is looking to launch what it refers to as the MetaReverse, which is the concept of reconnecting the virtual and physical worlds. In essence, the firm will leverage Only-Games’ infrastructure and enable its community of independent 3D designers to sell their models as both digital and physical products. Win-win.

Nebo Nikolic, CEO of MyMiniFactory, commented, “Following the community’s demand to buy and sell physical products, I am excited to close this acquisition. It is also a pleasure to welcome Alex Ziff (CEO of 3DC) as co-CEO and the 3DC team. Alex has impressed me with his drive, attention to detail, and ambition to serve the community.”

A 3D printed tabletop model from the MyMiniFactory marketplace. Photo via MyMiniFactory.
A 3D printed tabletop model from the MyMiniFactory marketplace. Photo via MyMiniFactory.

MyMiniFactory’s ever-growing ecosystem

Since its founding in 2013, MyMiniFactory has quickly grown to be the go-to platform for 3D creatives to share their work with the world. The file marketplace sports thousands of free and paid STL models, making it a crucial hub for the desktop 3D printing community.

MyMiniFactory officially launched its Store in 2018, giving 3D designers the power to monetize their work with ease. A major selling point of the platform is the fact that designers keep 90% of their sales revenue, so it’s not hard to see why the community continues to grow year on year.

More recently, the company also rolled out its Tribes subscription service. The system allows tabletop hobbyists to support their favorite 3D designers directly on MyMiniFactory, enabling a direct link between creators and makers. Additionally, the firm has also garnered success with its Crowdfunding Campaigns, with big-time projects such as luxury 3D printed timepieces and Scan the World’s 3D printable sculptures.

What does the acquisition mean for users?

As a natural next step, MyMiniFactory looked into the delivery of physical 3D printed models for the millions of potential users that may not have their own desktop 3D printers at home, eventually deciding on the 3DC acquisition to propel the MetaReverse.

In the wake of the acquisition, all MyMiniFactory designers will be given the option to sell their models in both digital and physical formats. The company will oversee all manufacturing, packaging, and delivery, with an initial focus on games assets such as tabletop models, puzzles, board games, and RC car parts.

On the other side of the coin, Only-Games customers will immediately have access to a huge catalogue of 3D printed models from the parent company’s indie creator community. MyMiniFactory asserts that designers will continue to receive fair and transparent royalties from all sales, and will be able to make use of Only-Games’ packaging customization service for full control of their work’s branding.

Ziff concludes, “It has been a journey to get to this point and it could not have been possible without my team. I have no doubt that this is the right decision for us and the community at large to satisfy our common ambition. I am grateful to Nebo and his team to welcome me as their co-CEO.”

MyMiniFactory 3DPrinted & Delivered miniatures. Photo via MyMiniFactory.
Some of the 3D models found on MyMiniFactory. Photo via MyMiniFactory.

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Featured image shows a 3D printed tabletop model from the MyMiniFactory marketplace. Photo via MyMiniFactory.