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Modla — 3D Design and 3D Printing Consultation Services

Modla is a start-up 3D design and consulting firm based in London that is headed up by Jon Fidler and his business partner Richard Goddard. You may recognize Jon’s name — if you have seen the impressive and memorable 3D printed Arkitypo alphabet sculptures, Jon is the talented designer behind that collection.

Arkitypo A & Arkitypo M

Following his Masters degree at Ravensbourne University, which he completed last year, Jon was committed to pursuing a career that utilized his design talent and his understanding and passion for 3D printing technologies. The result is Modla, launched earlier this year. There is no easy way to describe the company’s services — it has many facets, but central to all of them is an intelligent use of 3D printing. The guys are designers and can use (and teach) a range of different 3D software, they also incorporate 3D scanning into their in-house workflow. However, in terms of 3D printing, Jon told me he is unwilling to commit to one specific process, as this imposes limitations on the projects he is involved with. Rather, because he has broad and deep understanding of the many different 3D printing processes and their strengths and weaknesses, Jon provides consultancy services on how and where to get the best 3D printed results for each individual project.

Perhaps the best way to convey Modla is to let the work speak for itself:

Olympic Stadium Modla 3D Design

Architecture is one vertical that the guys at Modla are seeing a wide interest in what they can offer. The Olympic Stadium above was originally created as a demonstration of the capabilities of 3D printing technology. However, the model was subsequently picked up by the Cisco House Olympics 2012 Exhibition, also to promote 3D printing and has featured on the Telegraph website.

To give an indication of the design skills embedded in Modla’s cache the 3D digital design of the stadium was created from sight using Google earth and images for reference in 6 hours and took 18 hours to print in ABS plastic
 using the Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) process.

Rosie Lee Nike AF1 Lunar Footlocker

Rosie Lee Nike AF1 Lunar Footlocker

Rosie Lee Nike AF1 Lunar Footpatrol

Another eye-catching project that Modla has completed recently was for the Nike Lunarlon In-Store Launch. The remit was to produce 30 bespoke models, taken from 2D branded images, for the launch of Nike’s Lunarlon sneaker to commemorate 30 years since the release of Nike’s iconic Air Force 1.

The 30 models were produced using the Laser Sintering 3D printing process in Nylon and acrylic and was achieved from brief to delivery in two weeks.

A notable and striking additional facet to Modla is the guys’ stated commitment to continuing “to play our part in bringing the wonders of 3D design and 3D printing to the world, we want to share our knowledge and expertise in person and through online tutorials.”

Modla is currently incubated at Ravensbourne through the ERDF funding programme.