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Mayku launches Multiplier, a desktop pressure former – technical specifications and pricing

Mayku, a developer of desktop-based vacuum forming systems, has announced the launch of its new Mayku Multiplier pressure former.

Developed in partnership with Teenage Engineering, the Multiplier aims to bring industrial-grade pressure forming to the workshop with a focus on affordability and accessibility. Aimed at SMEs and individual creatives alike, the device can be used to form molds from custom parts such as 3D printed models, enabling batch production in just a matter of minutes.

A conventional industrial pressure former can cost over $200,000 and often requires an abundance of floor space. The Multiplier shakes things up with a desktop-suitable form factor and a price tag of just $4,999.

Alex Smilansky, CEO and Co-founder of Mayku, said, “We heard that creators want to control their production end-to-end, without relying on factories or having to make large minimum order quantities. With the Multiplier, we set out to create a machine that puts the power back into the hands of makers, from chocolatiers launching new products; to craftspeople and artisans creating new soaps, candles, or jewelry; to industrial design engineers prototyping short runs of parts before going to mass production.”

The Mayku Multiplier. Photo via Mayku.
The Mayku Multiplier. Photo via Mayku.

Desktop-based formative manufacturing with Mayku

Mayku’s roots can be traced back to Kickstarter, where the start-up raised over $500,000 in crowdfunding for its debut vacuum former back in 2018. With the goal of empowering small-time creatives to carry out their own batch production operations, the company intends to make product manufacturing more streamlined and cost-effective.

The firm’s original FormBox vacuum former is priced at around $830 and can create polymer sheet molds from just $1 apiece. Creators such as soap makers, candlestick makers, and chocolatiers can eliminate the need for third-party manufacturers altogether, cutting costs and saving significantly on mold delivery time. Lead times for outsourced molds can take up to several weeks but the FormBox brings this in-house with a sub-10 second forming process.

The Multiplier's forming bed. Photo via Mayku.
The Multiplier’s forming bed. Photo via Mayku.

The Mayku Multiplier

Mayku’s second product, the Multiplier, is capable of molding detailed shapes by applying over four tons of force to a sheet material. The system is compatible with a range of materials such as flex sheets (silicone-like), resin sheets, clear casting sheets, white draft sheets (for quick prototypes), and white all-purpose forming sheets. With a 685 x 600 x 600mm body and a 400mm diameter forming bed, the machine is designed specifically for users seeking a simple desktop experience.

Since the Multiplier requires a template part to create the molds, the company recommends combining the system with a desktop 3D printer. With 3D printed templates, users can mold custom and complex geometries, enabling batch production with shapes that would otherwise be impossible to cast. The device is able to form a mold in around four minutes.

Once formed, the mold sheets can be used to cast replicas of the original template model using pourable liquid materials. Mayku’s sheet materials are compatible with resin, concrete, wax, and even chocolate, enabling applications such as consumer product casings, medical trays, foods, and wearables. Impressively, the Multiplier is able to pick up lines and grooves down to just 3 microns thick, meaning ink on the surface of a template will be visible in a mold.

Ben Redford, Co-founder and CPO of Mayku, concluded, “The Multiplier is capable of replicating 3D prints and other shapes rapidly, bringing manufacturing in-house. With its absolute precision, the Multiplier rivals silicone or injection molding. Having access to factory-level products on the desktop opens up a world of possibilities for end-users as they can start to scale their business at low-cost with better quality materials.”

These chocolate beetles were cast using a food-safe Multiplier mold. Photo via Mayku.
These chocolate beetles were cast using a food-safe Multiplier mold. Photo via Mayku.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the Mayku Multiplier pressure former. The device will be available to preorder in October, with a limited number of units available at an early bird price of $1,999 (usual price $4,999).

Dimensions685 x 600 x 600mm
Forming bed400mm diameter
Resolution3 microns
Material range0.25 – 8mm thick

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Featured image shows the Mayku Multiplier. Photo via Mayku.