3D Printing

Manufacturing Day Gives Businesses a Voice

Manufacturing Day (MFG DAY) allows those with an interest or involved in manufacture to celebrate it and host events to do so. The official date for the date is October 7th, however, events can be organised for any day, making manufacturing day any day you choose.

The Aims?

The point of MFG DAY isn’t just to celebrate manufacture as a process and industry, there are many misconceptions and incorrect information, which has lead many people to think wrongly about it. Industry secrets, different processes lost across the world and information passed about and misinterpreted have made it harder for everyone to be on the same page, and MFG DAY aims to help correct this.


Manufacturers and other hosts for these events can address these issues as well as bringing awareness about both the strengths and weaknesses within manufacture such as skilled labor shortages, connection with future generations of manufacturers, the public image of manufacture and the overall success of the industry.

These events are funded and supported by various co-producers and industry sponsors, and allows both smaller and individual manufacturers to have their voices heard. MFG DAY also empowers manufacturers with similar concerns and problems, and allows them to come together to help communities and future generations.

There are four organizations that came together to host the events and help provide the framework for them:

  • Fabricators & Manufacturers Association International
  • National Association of Manufacturers
  • Manufacturing Extension Partnership
  • Manufacturing Institute


3D printing and manufacture

There are a number of businesses who are showcasing their 3D printing kit too, making it clear that Additive Manufacture has a firm place amongst other methods of manufacture. Businesses presenting their 3D printing techniques include:


Your business can take part too

So long as events are registered on the MFG DAY website, and are happening in North America, they can take part. Since events can be organised on any day of the year, businesses can choose a day that’s best for them to host. Registering also provides businesses taking part with free event planning and running resources to help, which is especially helpful for small businesses that are not used to hosting events to the public or even privately.

Make sure to check out the events and see if there’s one near you, or even register your own!