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MƎTHESIS: High-End Metal 3D Printing Takes Over Milan Design Week

For the past couple of years, the annual Milan Design Week has acted as a platform for some of the most fascinating design work around, with a growing 3D printing presence with ever year.

These events have focused on certain aspects of 3D printing and design, mostly in an experimental light, and this year will feature one of the most fascinating and expansive uses of 3D printing technology. At this year’s Milan Design Week, Sher and Autodesk will be collaborating with the metal 3D printer manufacturer Sisma to host MƎTHESIS, which will focus primarily on high-end metal 3D printing.

Flatware by Francis Bitonti
Flatware by Francis Bitonti

The MƎTHESIS event will showcase the new era of metal 3D printing, and will feature metal 3D printed objects from 10 well-respected designers from around the world. In order to showcase the commercial viability of high-end metal 3D printing, the designers were asked to center their work for the event around a new generation of “Objects for the Dinner Table”. Now, just one month later, these participating designers have moved beyond the conception stage and are set to showcase their finished products during the Milan Design Week event. From the elven-styled flatware of Francis Bitonti to the fluidly designed SALT+PEPPA SHAKER by the Utopia Blu design team, all of these displays present the future in uniquely designed kitchen and tableware. The Event Presentation will start on April 12 at 4PM in Via Tortona 20, and will be open everyday thereafter, all the way up until April 17.

invito evento

These metal 3D printed products were all designed using Autodesk’s Fusion 360 CAD software, and were then 3D printed in either steel or bronze using Sisma’s unique and powerful Laser Metal Fusion Mysint100 3D Printer. Thanks to the high-quality metal 3D printing technology of Sisma, and software powerhouse Autodesk, MƎTHESIS will truly give these designers the opportunity to showcase what they can (literally) bring to the table using some of the top metal 3D printing technology available today. The Mysint100 3D printer will be on display alongside all of the great design work.The full list of designers participating in this year’s showcase is as follows:

Andrea Pacciani
Alessandro Zambelli
Anouk Wipprecht
Danit Peleg
Francis Bitonti
Janne Kyttanen
Nick Ervinck
CRDesign Studio
Thorsten Franck
Plus: Milan Politecnico School of Design Students