3D Printing

LUXeXceL's Transparent 3D Printing Service Made Public

LUXeXceL has previously won awards for its one-of-a-kind Printoptical 3D printing technology.  With the ability to 3D print clear parts up to 20 mm in height, without the need for post-processing, LUXeXceL is the only company currently offering the ability to 3D print optical components.  And, after establishing a 1,000 sqm mass optics printing facility in Kruiningen, the Netherlands last year, the Dutch company is now opening up its transparent parts printing service to the public.

3D printed optics from luxexcel's new ordering service

Though LUXeXceL has been 3D printing parts for a number of customers for some time, the company is ready to launch its brand new ordering platform for users and designers to upload their CAD files for transparent 3D printing.  The service, which is private and secure, automatically validates a part for printability, provides an instant quote, and processes orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Upon ordering, the custom optical print should arrive in just ten business days.

3D printed optics from luxexcel

This new ordering platform, the company hopes, will allow the business-to-business 3D printing service an even greater ability to bring 3D printed optics to market.  President & Founder of LUXeXceL, Richard van de Vrie, reflects, “At LUXeXceL we strive to make our service better every day. Our new online ordering platform makes doing business with us much easier than before. The process of our new online platform is very simple: Upload your file, receive an instant quote and order your product. An easy to use and fast online ordering service to receive your optics and transparent products on demand.”

3D printed optics

The process of uploading and ordering a print is simple, and even more so for people who have already used traditional 3D printing services, like Shapeways and i.materialise.  I was able to upload an .stl file (maximum print volume is 200mm x 380mm x 20mm), the system ensured that the object was printable, and, then, I could order the print in the same way as any e-commerce site allows. Only, instead of a sandstone or nylon tchotchke, I would receive a perfectly smooth, transparent plastic component.  And, had I needed one, LUXeXceL would be the only business in town. As the only company in the business of providing custom, intricately shaped optics, LUXeXceL’s new ordering service has cornered a niche market.