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Lumi Industries launches LumiCube LCD 3D printer – Technical specifications and pricing

Lumi Industries, a 3D printer manufacturer based in Italy, has launched a new LCD 3D printer, named the Lumi³ (LumiCube). 

Making its debut at Formnext 2019, the LumiCube is a desktop system reportedly designed to be “precise,” “reliable” and “easy to use.” The 3D printer can be used for applications in dental, jewelry, miniatures, and product design. 

With the LumiPocket LT being the last machine released by the company two years ago, the new LumiCube has been on hold for some time. “In the past two years, we have been involved in a quite big project for a multinational company, in which we have been providing our R&D services,” explains Davide Marin, Lumi Industries CEO. With the R&D work now complete, the LumiCube has become the first idea cleared from the company’s pipeline. “We are aware that many LCD 3D printers are currently in the market” Marin admits, “but we found that our patent-pending solutions and smart improvements actually make users’ life a lot easier.”

The LumiCube. Photo via Lumi Industries.
The LumiCube. Photo via Lumi Industries.

Making SLA 3D printing more accessible

Founded in 2014, Lumi Industries was established to make 3D printer available to everyone. The word ‘Lumi’ translates as ‘light’, in reference to the company’s core 3D printing activity which revolves around SLA.

As well the LumiCube, the company has released a number of other resin-based 3D printers focused on ease-of-use, including a foldable DLP system named LumiFold, intended to be a portable 3D printing solution. Furthermore, Lumi Industries has developed the LumiPocket LT, a low-priced SLA 3D printer described as a “personal fabricator,” and caters to makers and hobbyists.

Another resin-based 3D printer is in Lumi Industries’ current pipeline, and is designed to be made by makers that already have an FFF 3D printer at home.  Named the LumiBee, this 3D printer uses the light from a user’s mobile phone screen to cure resin into an object. The system was nominated as a finalist at the Purmundus Design Challenge 2019.  

Patented features of the LumiCube

Lumi Industries’ new 3D printer, the LumiCube, is targeted for more professional use. One of its key features includes a patented post-curing process, known as Hinged Mask for UV Transforming (HUT) technology. HUT helps users avoid the cost of purchasing a separate post-curing device. Instead, it leverages the internal LEDs of the 3D printer to post-cure 3D printed objects. 

Patented HUT integrated post-curing solution. Image via Lumi Industries.
Patented HUT integrated post-curing solution. Image via Lumi Industries.

The HUT device, which is mounted on hinged support with sensors inside, can be installed over the LumiCube’s UV LED array.  Marin explains that he conceived the idea by asking the question, “Since we are using UV LEDs to 3D print, why not to use the same LEDs for post curing? Thus, the patent-pending HUT system was designed.”

The LumiCube is also equipped with a patent-pending disposable FEP thermoformed resin vat named Easy FEP Vat (EFV). Designed to overcome the challenges of having to change FEP film, the EFV can be disposed of and replaced when it becomes ruined or fogged. Additionally, Lumi Industries has also designed a modular tray system allowing for different build platforms to be used depending on the material for suitable adhesion. This allows users to adapt their build platform according to the viscosity of their material, ensuring that the 3D printed object can be removed from the platform smoothly. 

The Easy FEP Vat modular tray system. Image via Lumi Industries.
The modular tray system. Image via Lumi Industries.

A 7” touchscreen with proprietary software has been installed into the LumiCube to provide control over 3D printing settings. As well as observing the process, users can view guides and tutorials, receive notifications, acquire 3D printer reports and diagnostics, and send requests for materials or spare parts. “We even added some cool extra features, such as a passive heating system that keeps resin an ideal temperature of 35-40°C, and force sensing sensors to preserve the screen from receiving excessive pressure during the 3d printing process,” concludes Marin.

Technical specifications and pricing

The LumiCube can be pre-ordered from the Lumi Industries website, starting from €3,499 ($3,859).

Technology MSLA – UV LCD
Building area 120.96*68.04*100 mm
Resolution XY axis 47.3*47.3 µm (2K)
Layer Thickness (Z) 20/30/50/100 µm
Av. Building Speed 30mm/hour
Lighting System Parallel UV LED system
Resin Wavelength 405 nm
Resin Vat Patent Pending Easy Fep Tray.
Printer Control Integrated PC, 7″ Color Touchscreen
Printer Operating System Windows 10 with orginal Lumisoftware
Software Formware / Chitubox
Building Platform Patent pending interchangeable Modular Tray System
Post Processing Patent Pending HTU, Integrated Post Processing Chamber
Input Format STL
Connectivity Wi-Fi, USB
Dimensions 30*30*50 cm
Weight 13,50 kg
AC Input 100-240v
Safety feature Ventilation system with HEPA + active carbon filter
Operating temperature External 18-30°C
Internal automatic control at 35-40°C

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