LinkBits: 3D Printing News for the Week of June 20

Another week, another round of LinkBits: your source for brief bits of news from the 3D printing industry. The industry is booming and so are we, so here is a list of stories that we couldn’t quite fit into our complete article schedule for the week. Bon Appéprint!

From Hamburgers to Houses

how is 3D printing possible from towergate insurance

Towergate Insurance sent us what looks to be a nice-looking and streamlined primer on 3D printing.  It’s sort of like an extremely simplified version of 3DPI’s own Beginners Guide to 3D Printing. Click through it, if you like pretty wire frame drawings of things.

3D Printed Compound Bow from Thief

hero complex props 3D printed bow from thief

Michael Ruddy, of Hero Complex Props, 3D printed a compound bow from the game Thief. The bow was designed by Kevin Lunt and 3D printed on Ruddy’s GMax 1.5 XT 3D printer using Formfutura filament.  The bowstring itself is even a piece of Formfutura flexible filament!

3D Printed Ringpets

ringpet 3D printed ring made from pet head

Two years ago, we wrote about a talented Japanese designer named Yoshinobu Kakumura, who takes photos of pets and converts them into 3D printed statues called Petfigs.  Now, Yoshinobu is back with a product called “Ringpets”.  Guess what they are! Cute, that’s what!

i.materialise Launches 3D Modeling Services

i.materialise 3D modeling services for 3D printing

Not everyone has the skills to design a 3D printable model.  Luckily, Belgian 3D printing service i.materialise has launched a new portion of its site where designers can post their services and customers can hire designers. It’s win-win!

Rezvani Beast Supercar Released with 3D Printed Parts

SoCal-based Rezvani just released their flagship supercar, the Beast. Not only does the Beast have all sorts of features that make it go fast – a 2.4 liter four cylinder, a supercharger and a turbocharger, and an ultra-light body – but 3D printing was used to create the headlight and taillight casings, as well as the mirrors.

Aztec Scenic Design Takes 3D Printing to New Heights

Aztec Scenic Designs 3D printed ceiling

3D Printing for Beginners has a great interview with US-based design firm Aztec Scenic Design, whose 3D printing expert who used Blender and his Makerfarm Prusa i3 kit to 3D print truly elaborate pieces of art for the firm that is eventually hung on ceilings. The results are mind blowing.  Check out their site for more of their awesome work! If I ever get rich [or die trying], I might get them to make something for my future house [or mausoleum].

fraunhofer researchers 3D print full color with objet connex 3

Welp! That’s it for LinkBits this week! As they say in the picture shows: