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Leopoly & zSpace Bring VR, 3D Modeling, & 3D Printing to Schools

One of most easy-to-use 3D modeling platforms in the industry today, Leopoly, has taken note of the way their tools have assisted everyday people to get involved with 3D design and printing. In their new partnership with VR tech developers zSpace, Leopoly is now bringing VR, 3D modeling, and 3D printing into the educational sector with their 3D STEAM platform. Students and teachers will both be educated with training courses and guides, where they will then take this knowledge and practice in Leopoly’s 3D design library to  manipulate and move the content around in zSpace’s impressive VR software.


Although 3D printing technology has started to pop up in schools through STEAM labs and makerspaces, most students have not had to opportunity to actually learn the inside-and-out of the 3D design and manufacturing process. By partnering with Leopoly, we are now offering schools a way to transform their Makerspaces and 3D printer labs from places where students experience the novelty of printing chess pieces and jewelry to virtual reality learning environments,” said Paul Kellenberger, CEO of zSpace. What Leopoly and zSpace are trying to do is provide efficient hands-on training for their 3D modeling application, which will allow students to learn how to use tools, manipulate, and design from objects within Leopoly’s 3D database, rather than just downloading pre-designed objects and hitting the “print” button.

And, if you check out the video below, you can see just how excited the students seem to be when using the VR sculpting technology, made possible by zSpace.  With 3D glasses, display, and a haptic stylus, these young users are able to pull, push, and shape models in a whole new way.  Roland Manyai, CEO of Leopoly, elaborates, “The software and hardware platform is a great link between the process of 3D creation and 3D printing. Thanks to zSpace’s virtual reality platform, including its precision VR stylus and head tracking, students can start designing immediately, engaging with content like it is real, and make 3D printable files in minutes.”

Leopoly has also just recently announced their new cloud based app store, which will provide customizable 3D products, accessible design tools, and 20 new applications. Leopoly’s apps will contain templates and tools to help design products such as candle holders, rings, gift boxes, and more. You can download, alter, and order the design straight from Leopoly’s website, and for those more ambitious designers, you can also start a design from scratch using their services too. Beyond the educational sector, big companies are also now utilizing Leopoly’s customizable services. For instance, take the company Orchard, a subsidiary company of Lowe’s home improvement chain, for which Leopoly just announced their first mass customizable 3D printing solution in the retail industry. Leopoly’s platform allows Orchard to sell customizable home improvement products that are 3D modeled to the specific needs of their customers.

Leopoly’s App Store

Now that Leopoly is opening their technology up to students zSpace, and also to the consumer market with companies like Orchard, customizing and printing 3D models has never been an easier task. Leopoly gives students and consumers access to smooth templates, easy-to-use design tools, and training that can turn the everyday person into a 3D Maker.