3D Printing

Jewelrythis & Solidscape Contest Seeks to Make Your 3D Printed Jewelry World Famous

Jewelrythis, the social marketplace for 3D jewelry designs that we covered last year, has been gaining momentum and industry recognition in the jewelry sector for its ability to meet the demand for easily accessible, 3D printable designs. So much so that it has now joined forces with Solidscape, the Stratasys-owned leading manufacturer of wax-based 3D printers (used primarily in the jewelry sector), to launch a monthly 3D jewelry design contest titled “The Spotlight is on You”.

The two companies are going to conduct the contest as a monthly, online jewelry design competition which represents the combination between digital, CAD 3D modeling and 3D printing. The goal of the contest is not only to highlight the endless possibilities opened by CAD jewelry and 3D printing, but also to help scout and promote talented 3D jewelry modelers.


Each month a new winner will be announced and each monthly contest will emphasize a different theme. Winners will will be spotlighted on Jewelrythis and Solidscape media channels, and will receive a jewelry design award. The biggest draw, however, is that each monthly winner of “The  Spotlight is on You” is entered to win a chance to be showcased at Baselworld 2016, the world’s premier jewelry show.

We have two important objectives for holding this contest,” said Dror Habusha, founder of Jewelrythis, “the first is that we want to give any designer the chance to demonstrate his/her creativity, originality, professionalism and talent to not only the thousands of Jewelerythis members  but also at one of the most important jewelry shows in the world, Baselworld 2016. Secondly, we want to call attention to jewelers all around the world to the fact that CAD and 3D printing can take their businesses to a whole new level. Never before have  jewelers had access to so many different and beautiful designs with such great ease and with such a degree of professionalism.”


Bill Dahl, Vice President Products and Marketing at Solidscape added that “Jewelrythis is an excellent opportunity for fresh talent to showcase their design skills through this unique jewelry design community. The marketplace environment brings together fellow designers, manufacturers and jewelers who are fueling the latest trend – jewelry fast fashion.”


The first contest is set to kickoff September 24th, 2015. Designers who think they have what it takes to participate can go directly to the Jewelrythis.com site for details about how to enter and win a chance to stand out. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to know someone in the industry or be a jewelry expert. Anyone can enter, from anywhere, and – just maybe – see their creation made by some of the top of jewelry manufacturers in the world.