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Italian Architect Reimagines Peroni’s Nastro Azzurro Bottle Design with 3D Printing

Peroni’s Nastro Azzurro is a premium lager that has become one of the world’s most iconic Italian beers. To celebrate the brand’s new modern bottle design, Italian architect and artist Andrea Morgante created conceptual 3D printed sculptures based on the new bottle shape.

3d printing peroni bottles

Morgante was inspired by the atypical design of the new bottle and used that basic shape to explore the history of Italian art styles and even his own memories of childhood inspiration. His 25.0 – a collection of 25 unique 3D printed bottles – installation was commissioned by M&C Saatchi, the owner of the historic Peroni brewery. The installation was initially displayed at the London House of Peroni pop-up art space in May and then moved to The Design Museum in June of this year.

3d printing peroni bottle

The bottles were 3D printed in white nylon, and were left colourless intentionally because the designer didn’t want colours or writing to distract from the unique shapes that he was producing.

3d printed Peroni bottleThe shapes were inspired by sources as diverse as classic baroque sculpture, a small tree growing from the ruins of ancient Rome to a simple exploration of geometric design. Each of the 25 3D printed bottles have an individual story of inspiration as diverse as Italian art history itself.

“Some of the designs go right back to the Gothic period for inspiration and some go back to Romans; some go back to palatial Italian gardens, some go back to the work of Bernini, and, of course, some go back to the golden days of Italian design in the 1960s” said Morgante of his work “In the biodiversity of the 25 pieces, there is a very passionate, personal and sentimental portrait of my home country and an expression, for me, of what Italy stands for.”

3d printing peroni bottles

3D printing was chosen as the medium to create the collection of bottles because Morgante wanted to highlight Italian companies’ history of and willingness to push technological and design boundaries. He cites classic car manufacturer Ferrari as not just a car company, but a car innovator, often creating their own technology to help their cars perform better. 3D printing represents modern technology pushing the boundaries of what was possible further, and he felt that represented the history of the Peroni brewery.

Source: Dezeen