Innovation at Upcoming Mackay 3D Printing Expo

Australia’s first 3D printing expo is forthcoming this month. It is due to witness the innovative Bajtech Positional Control System, which promises to combine additive and subtractive manufacturing processes in a portable, all-in-one integrated system designed to mill, lathe, print, extrude, cast…

[how the Bajtech Positional Control System] varies from 3D printers is by selecting a configuration a bit like a print driver: you can turn a device from a plastic printer into a router or turn it into an engraver or plasma cutter or laser cutter.” Frank Hall, who is assisting with Bajtech’s project, told Manufacturers’ Monthly.

“So instead of having to buy a machine that does your laser cutting, another one that does its engraving, and one that does your milling, and your 3D printer, our device can control the carriage that moves around and can be any one of those devices. You just select the configuration you require, the carriage will then move in such a manner that will suit the head that’s attached to it.”

Hall said the system works in five axes at the moment, and could potentially handle up to ten. It can be moved by two people though it is heavy enough to function as a miller, and even retrofit other machines.

“Ultimately all those machines work on positions within space,” said Hall, “so they will ultimately, I believe, combine that to a single machine.”

The Bajema’s control system was beta tested at James Cook University. The team hopes to bring their device to market, with a significant step being the unveiling at the Mackay 3D Printing Expo.